McAnally Creative


Designing the music packaging for the world famous Fisk Jubilee Singers' CD “In Bright Mansions” was one of the greatest challenges of my career. I had done many other music packages but they had all been your typical jewel case or sleeved packages. What the client wanted was an audio/interactive CD in a hardcover book. The package was to include, not just the typical liner notes, but also an historical overview and a technical overview of how the music itself was produced/recorded.

I was given access to Fisk University’s archives where I discovered a trove of memorabilia dating back to the very beginning of the Jubilee Singers shortly after the Civil War. I found several scrapbooks of early members which became the inspiration for my design. I used the concept of a scrapbook as a means of collecting and presenting the historical and technical content and I made the CD look like some of the antique 78 rpm Jubilee Singers records.

My hard work paid off. The client was thrilled and my package design was nominated for a Grammy Award that year.